Perforated White Venetian Blind

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Our Perforated White venetian blind has a smooth slat perforated with tiny holes the size of a pinhead spaced about 2mm apart from each other. This gives a delightful diffused light effect as well as enabling partial visibility of the view through the blind when fully drawn, although bear in mind when outside is in darkness that your lit interior will be visible. These white perforated made to measure blinds are the perfect solution for environments where glare or daytime privacy may be a problem, but natural light is required, such as your living room, study or office.

  • Estimated Delivery: 5-7 working days
  • Slats: Best quality 23 micron aluminium
  • Headrail: 25mm x 25mm; Colour co-ordinated
  • Bottom rail: Closed rectangular section; colour co-ordinated
  • Cord colour: Colour co-ordinated
  • Tilt control: Clear plastic wand
  • Min width: 350mm Min Drop: 350mm
  • Max width: 3000mm Max Drop: 3000mm
  • Blind width for Recess Size: The blind (headrail, slats and bottom bar) is cut exactly 10mm smaller than the given size to give a gap at either side to allow smooth operation.
  • Blind width for Exact Size: The blind (headrail, slats and bottom bar) is cut exactly to the size given.

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To learn more about the safety of venetian blinds and the BBSA Make it Safe scheme, visit our Child Safety page.

The following guides will help you when measuring for and fitting your venetian blinds:

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