Contract Services

venetian blinds contract services

Our Contract Services team undertake projects for public and private sector customers on commercial, educational and public buildings. Please get in touch by email or telephone on 0844 776 2069 if we can help you with any of the following:

  • Supply only of blinds in larger quantities – Nationwide for orders of more than 20 blinds.
  • Supply and fix service in the Greater Manchester area and much of the North West.
  • Sonic cleaning of existing blind installations (more details below) in the Greater Manchester area and much of the North West

Sonic cleaning of aluminium venetian blinds

We offer a collect, clean and reinstatement service which can also include minor repairs and replacements where necessary. Sonic cleaning is the most effective way to remove years of accumulated dust and grime that can make venetian blinds look grubby and be unpleasant to touch. This can often be a much more cost effective and environmentally friendly way for our customers to improve aesthetics and functionality than purchasing replacement blinds.
The sonic cleaning service involves taking down the blinds and transferring them to our facilities where they are immersed in special cleaning tanks. In the tanks sound waves create millions of microscopic bubbles which penetrate every small crevice of the blinds. As the bubbles form and implode a ‘jet’ scrubbing effect is created which is powerful enough to lift and remove the dirt and grime but gentle enough not to cause any damage.

Please note that sonic cleaning is not suitable for wooden blinds . However we can offer a collect, clean and reinstate service for wooden blinds using traditional cleaning methods - please get in touch if you want to know more.